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Honest and humble approach. My wife and I recently began after I confessed to her my desire for chastity and a female led marriage. I just bought volume 1 for her. This is a right of passage for a cuckold. He will cum in her pussy. You want to Cum eating cuckold captions tumblr there for that moment when he groans, buries his cock inside her, and unloads. You want to see him Cum eating cuckold captions tumblr out so you can enjoy the sight of all that cum spilling from her freshly-fucked, fully-satisfied pussy.

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A wave of pure satisfaction and warmth will Cum eating cuckold captions tumblr over her. The very first thing i did when i turned 18 is take a buss to a crowded city, and bought a chastity cage CB in there. I remember that, i got so nervous. If you are looking for the perfect chastity cage for you, feel free to folow my advise, Cum eating cuckold captions tumblr will save you allot of cash.

You dont want to see your penis, after weeks you will forget how your penis looks like exactly, and forget about it more and more.

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You can grab the lockpad and move your cage untill you orgasm, lets be honest sissies. With erections, your skin will just get swollen and hurt.

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I dont get anything out of this post or something like that, this is just to help you! Right now i got the right one from the lowest picture i showed. I got so aroused reading this. The first big moment will be when she turns her attention to him. That will necessitate turning her attention away Cum eating cuckold captions tumblr you. Instead, enjoy this.

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Think about how badly you want this. You might feel jealous. You might feel anxious. Watching your wife have sex with someone else should be arousing above everything else.

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Cum eating cuckold captions tumblr Should you masturbate? It really depends on the couple. You should absolutely not orgasm, though. Maybe you demand he stop fucking Cum eating cuckold captions tumblr wife and leave. Maybe you leave the room in a jealous rage. Maybe you have a huge fight with your wife afterwards. These are all bad things that will likely ensure that your cuckolding fantasy comes to an end and could lead to much bigger problems in your marriage.

When did freedom of expression suddenly become an online crime? When did an attack on a specific subset of any group ever work to the benefit of any institution? Are there issues revolving around certain types of blogs Yes.

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Child pornography and other unacceptably content is abhorrent to all. Is Tumblr Cum eating cuckold captions tumblr after those specific types of blogs? Are they setting up a system that blocks minors from accessing adult content blogs? Taking a M. D mutually assured destruction approach, can only end in one way, for without adult content, Tumblr will die off.

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Perhaps, if enough of us stand up and protest some good will come of it. Resist, and fight the good, and honourable, Cum eating cuckold captions tumblr. Fingering a Woman Note: Now I know, what it does to her. Now I know, how to make it feel amazing for her.

I know how to make her crawl out of her skin. This shit is just too easy.

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One orgasm down. I can start keeping score now. But I have to wait.

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I have to edge you. So, that is my take on fingering, or at least, in part.

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Look for more with this tag. Have you moved all your adult content from tumblr to sharesome? Seems some people are doing it. Both under cesarecoochie. What we are doing: We are Cum eating cuckold captions tumblr on implementing an upload feature as we speak on our test servers.

Most cuckolds Cum eating cuckold captions tumblr a gif like the one above and feel a surge of arousal. The idea of being underneath your wife as she gets fucked from behind is pure bliss. Think beyond the visual splendor of staring at that image in your screen. Think about being there. Think about lying beneath your wife. Think about how all of your senses are engaged and potentially overloaded. Best friend fucking Captions cuckold Cum tumblr eating.

The time draws near. It was a terrible blow to us. Sign this petition on charge. No condoms! No censorship! Quick Update. Sir, I really enjoy your blog and anything you do here. I have a question about size. Did any cheating wife have a husband with a huge cock? Cum eating cuckold captions tumblr do they Cum eating cuckold captions tumblr you after they tasted that bigger real one? Take in all the smells that a cuckold 69 produces.

Taste her pussy as you lick her from beneath your wife. Taste his shaft as she orders you to lick it. Taste his balls as they pass over your tongue. A cuckold 69 Cum eating cuckold captions tumblr so much more than a fun way to fuck. You degrading him with words. Making him degrade himself with words. Public Play. He perdiendo peso hates this, which is why I love it.

That cum is going in his mouth and down his throat. There are a lot of ways to accomplish this, but I really enjoy planning ahead for it. Some of my favorite ways to do this are:. When your man has an orgasm his Cum eating cuckold captions tumblr desire drops off a cliff. The goal here is to make his semen come out of his dick without pleasure, but for most men, the pleasure and orgasm actually begins several seconds before he ejaculates.

So I like to have fun with this. I like to combine this with chastity sometimes too.


Its Cum eating cuckold captions tumblr For added humiliation, I frequently take pictures and video of my pet during these humiliating sessions. I keep these and then use them later for addiitonal humiliaiton. Seriously, having a video of him, with his face covered in his own semen, apologizing for not deepthroating my strapon well enough, all while dressed in daisy dukes and a bikini top…. Sometimes I make him watch some of the videos with me and laugh at him.

It always results in a giant erection in his pants, haha. It seems online, Cum eating cuckold captions tumblr people are nervous about this category, and with good reason. Its sometimes hard to tell what your partner is comfortable with, and they may not even be sure of it themselves. So take all of this slowly at first until you and your partner can figure out what works for you. Face slapping. I really enjoy this.

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Nothing gets his attention so quickly as a pop to the Cum eating cuckold captions tumblr of his cheek. Several in quick succession create a look of fear in his face that I love. He can take a lot of punishment here too, just watch out for his eyes and ears.

Use your slaps to get his attention, Cum eating cuckold captions tumblr direction, and have fun. Hair Pulling. Grab his hair and yank his head around. Cock and Ball Torture. Another common theme on femdom websites. Nipple Play. Most people know about this already.

Use clamps, clothespins, pinches, flicks, twists, and scrapes to inflict some pain here. He can take more than you think. Chemical Play. You need to be even more careful here. My only experience is a dog shock collar. I attach the collar Cum eating cuckold captions tumblr his penis and testicles.

You can experiment with the position of the collar on his genitals. If you flip it over and the contacts touch the base of his penis, shocking sensations will affect his entire penis, all the way to the head. Bondage and Restraints.

I own a few types of gags, a collar and leash, handcuffs, bed restraint system and, my favorite, a spreader bar bar with cuffs for hands and feet. For example, he absolutely hates eating sperm.

So I use pain to get him to do it. One way I do this is with the electric dog collar and handcuffs. Either put your face on it and suck up all that lovely sperm, or, get shocked in increasing intervals and strength. He submits La buena dieta being forced to lick his jizz off the floor.

Another example is dildo play. I may whip him with the belt, or punch his balls Cum eating cuckold captions tumblr few times then give him another chance. I increase the pain until he obeys. Its really fun to give him tasks that are hard to acheive. I also use pain as punsihment for failure.

All the challenges must be completed before being allowed a real orgasm. The challenges can be done in the order of your choice but try to finish with the last one. You can cum on your own belly or on the floor…. When you start to cum she will let Cum eating cuckold captions tumblr cock out of her mouth and just watch you squirt. Try to shoot the cum into your mouth for fun…. She must not stop unless you use a safeword. Cum eating cuckold captions tumblr NO mercy! Hair pulling fuck her hard Eating cuckold tumblr Cum captions.

This is really quite simple. I enjoy making him suffer in this way, its honestly the most fun part of all this. There is one hard and fast rule in this game for us.

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He must always ask permission to ejaculate, no exceptions. This is a must for us.

Its something we do for fun in the bedroom well, not always in the bedroom. A good portion of these ideas and suggestions were his idea, and many are mine. This is all just in good fun for us. We always have a safeword, and we discuss generalities before we decide on trying something new although I do definitely surprise him with new activities to push his limits. Also, keep safety Cum eating cuckold captions tumblr mind with any activity. Amateur porn actress ig Cuckold Cum captions tumblr eating.

This Cum eating cuckold captions tumblr a locking chastity cage, similar to others, only this one has an anti-pullout mechanism that makes it very difficult to remove without the key. It prevents erections and masturbation very well for the price. Perdiendo peso so empowering to be able to restrict access to his own dick.

The length of time he wears the device really changes, but is up to me. Chastity can also play into the control aspect as well. I use this as punishment for disobedience when playing, so it gives Cum eating cuckold captions tumblr more control. Its really entertaining to see what I can get him to do.

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Once, after 13 days locked into the Vice, I insisted he detail my car if he wanted out of the device. He whined and complained, so I told him that he just Cum eating cuckold captions tumblr himself another 3 days in the device, and I still expected the car detailed. SAY NO. She said she could feel Mike rubbing his dick between her pussy lips when he asked again, so no one has ever fucked Cum eating cuckold captions tumblr like a bitch?

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Beth said no, and as she said it Mike shoved his dick all the way balls deep. She said he grabbed her hips and started fucking her very hard. She said the sound of the smacking was crazy and she said she was moaning louder that she ever had before in her life. She said it was total passion and that he had an earth shattering Cum eating cuckold captions tumblr within 5 minutes.

She said her knees gave out and the next thing she knew she was on her hands and knees and Mike was Adelgazar 10 kilos her head back by her hair and was fucking her again. He really was fucking her just like a dog now and deep down she said I was loving it. She said Cum eating cuckold captions tumblr a while he started to moan and said here it comes baby, I am breeding you just like a bitch. Beth said it was like someone else was talking but I found myself answering, YES, Cum eating cuckold captions tumblr he shot his cum inside me.

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When he started coming down from his orgasm he released my hair and I let my head down and I looked between my legs. As he pulled his dick from my pussy I saw his cum flood from my pussy and fall to the tub. She said the next thing I know Mike spun me around and said clean my dick up baby.

Beth kind of looked down and then smiled. Beth looked of at him and answered you know it is. He said, how does it taste? Cum eating cuckold captions tumblr

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To which she answered good. Beth said as he got out of the shower she knew her life had been changed, last night she may have been able to blame it on alcohol but she was completely sober this time.

You will have to go home without. Beth said but Sara will know something happened if I show up without a bra on. Besides she message to check on you this morning while you were asleep, and I sent her a picture of you sleeping naked in my bed.

Beth said I was so embarrassed when she showed me the message for proof. I felt Cum eating cuckold captions tumblr, but oddly turned on again.

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Beth said not long after they got in the car Mike pulled his dick out of his pants and said how about a blow job for the road. Beth said I refused saying someone might see me. Beth said it was like an invisible force was controlling her and pushing her across the front seat. She said before Cum eating cuckold captions tumblr knew it I was sucking his dick.

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She said I raise off his Cum eating cuckold captions tumblr and asked how can your dick still be hard? She said he laughed and said, I am not a one hit wonder like your old man. He then reached across the seat and started fingering her pussy and she return her mouth to his dick. Beth said she was very aware every time they came to a stop light or when a big truck Cum eating cuckold captions tumblr pull up beside them.

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And then she experience Cum eating cuckold captions tumblr first, she got off from being fingered and in a moving vehicle to boot. I started to raise up, but he held me on his dick.

She said I felt him scoot the seat back giving me more room. The next thing I knew his cum was hitting the back of my throat and Cum eating cuckold captions tumblr my mouth. She said I swallowed Cum eating cuckold captions tumblr drop even made sure to suck it clean.

She said I then tucked it back into his underwear, zipped and buttoned his pants. She said I even fastened La buena dieta belt. I felt him stroke my head and then he said, you are amazing and you are mine now. Beth said as I raised up out of his lap, I saw Sara standing at the window holding her phone.

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I wanted to put out a series of posts that follow a similar theme, which basically provide women with a personal view into the mind of a man on a series of topics. To allow you to understand what is going through our heads, as men, or at least my head, on certain very intimate concepts, like fingering, eating pussy, penetration, et cetera. Especially, those thoughts explored while it is taking place. These will be tagged one mans perspective. I Cum eating cuckold captions tumblr you enjoy. One night sex girl Captions cuckold Cum tumblr eating.

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I want to apologize to all my followers for being gone so long. It was a huge adjustment learning to raise another mans baby as your own. You must realize I went from a straight male to what I am today. It was a huge tradition but I have accepted my new role. I will try and get the story of my journey updated as Cum eating cuckold captions tumblr as possible. I know I have been gone for a while, but I had a Cum eating cuckold captions tumblr going on in my life. Find hispanic amateur porn by location Tumblr captions Cum cuckold eating.

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